The first day on the pitch

…was yesterday. First some stats: I was standing there for 5 hours (not including lunch & beach breaks) and made 49 zł. Which is way, way more than I was expecting.

As I had written, I would perform a single trick over and over again until it drew someone’s attention. Then I would proceed with the other tricks. Most of the time, I was performing the entire set for a single family but sometimes a bigger crowd would form, up to approx. 25 people. At all times there was a small bag lying in front of me with a few coins in it.

I’ve been reading quite a lot about other buskers’ experiences. Many of them mentioned how much it meant for them when a kid threw into their hats a significant amount of their allowance, even though it wasn’t much money for an adult. Now I think I really understand it. There were some really small kids who threw into my hat 1 zł. It must’ve been quite a lot for them. There was also a 12 year old boy who gave me 5 zł. It was so great to know that they had enjoyed my show that much. And that comes from a guy who normally hates kids. It also made me think more about all the things I could improve in my tricks and then I felt a bit unworthy of their money.

There were also some people, who had been dragged by their kids. At first you could tell they just wanted to get over with my tricks and go wherever they had been going. And after the first trick you could see their eyes widen and their whole body language change to ‘holly s**t, he is really good’.

Also a couple times I saw a person leave having seen all my tricks, stop a random passerby and say to them: ‘This magician over there is great, you absolutely HAVE to see him’. If you are lucky enough to be living outside of Poland: In Polish culture chatting to a stranger is something you never, ever do. Not to mention stopping a stranger.

And of course, I have learned a lot about performing magic and got rid of much of my anxiety (so long, shaking hands!). That was pretty quick, given that yesterday was pretty much my first time performing for strangers. Alas, there is a lot, lot more to be learned.

And so a new journey begins…

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