Lots of water [Norwegian Adventure, day 2]

The night was not too bad. Every now and then I would wake up and get rid of the few mosquitos that had gotten under my window curtain. In the morning it started raining, so I decided to sleep in. It didn’t look like it was going to stop anytime soon, so eventually I had to put my camp down in rain. It was challanging, but I did pretty well. Especially considering that I couldn’t pack the hammock without upsetting the tarp canopy. Then I put the tarp over my head and wrapped myself in it, using it as an impromptu poncho, and walked to the gas station. There was some confusion and at first I was asking for a ride at a wrong station. But eventually I managed to get a ride a bit farther north. I got dropped near Minnesund, at a really big gas station and truck stop.

To my surprise, the drivers I approached didn’t seem scared of me at all, despite my long dark hair and a spooky beard. Unfortunately, almost all of them were going the opposite direction, to Oslo, or at least that’s what they said. After few hours of soliciting and getting wet, I finally met a truck driver who was going north. Not far, just half an hour ride, but I really wanted to get out of there. It never feels good being stuck in one place for too long. After I got in, it turned out his plan had changed and he was going almost all the way to Trondheim, which meant 5 hours ride! It was so nice to spend those few hours in a dry vehicle.

It was quite amusing to hear about the driver’s vacations. Last year he went to Dubai and was staying in a five-star hotel. This year he is planning a few weeks vacation in Bangkok, and during that time he is going to fly back-and-forth few times to do some errands in Norway. Not many truck drivers in the world can afford that.

When the trucker asked me what was my final destination, I said I just wanted to go somewhere north. ‘If you want to go north, you should go to Nordkapp. You cannot get any farther than that.’ Awesome! It feels nice to have some specific destination and now I knew where I was going.

Finally we arrived at a truck stop near Støren in the evening. Luckily, the weather was quite nice and the place itself was lovely:

At first I wanted to set up my camp on the beach, but then I realized how hard it was to make my poles stable when stuck in the sand. So I moved under a bridge nearby, which was a really good choice. It was so nice to spacious roofed area and even nicer to know I wouldn’t have to put the roof down when packing my stuff in the morning.

And here is what it looked like:

This time I hadn’t eaten anything since the supper the day before. I was quite hungry and so was really happy with another meal consisting of bread and chocolate.

I had to get used to the noise of cars and trucks driving above my head, but overall had a really good sleep. It was so nice to wake up at night, see that it’s raining and know that all my stuff, including the tarp, is going to remain completely dry.

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