A day off [Norwegian Adventure, day 5]

First thing in the morning I did some laundry, and stretched another piece of rope between the trees to let it dry. Then I looked really pleased at my camp, admired the view from my spot, said ‘hi’ to some friendly joggers and dog walkers and generally enjoyed the well-deserved free time.


And then I embarked to explore the town. When I had been in Kiruna last winter I really regretted not visiting it, so I was quite excited to get this opportunity. As it turned out, there was not much to do for me except to hike. So hike I did.




Just a nice, simple, quick walk. At the top I met a few Polish girls who live in Narvik. That didn’t really surprise me since I had been meeting Polish people all day long. One of the ladies was so kind as to offer me warm shower etc. at her place, should I need it. It was first such offer on this trip. Luckily, the weather was so nice there was no need to risk the awkwardness of staying over at a stranger’s house.

On my way back to the campsite I wanted to get some groceries at a supermarked I had spotted earlier. That’s when I learned that in Norway most stores are closed on Sundays. So I walked a few hundred meters when a thought struck me: Why should it deter me? There must be some garbage bins around the store! I went back and noticed a big dumpster that looked promising. Unfortunately, all I found was some old, bad smelling flowers. I didn’t really want to dive in to look for some hidden treasures, but as an afterthought, I should have ripped some bags open instead of just checking what was on the top of them.

In the evening I made a fire on the beach to cook some peas. It takes at least an hour, so I didn’t want to waste my stove fuel on them. Acting like a tramp is tougher when you are vegan.

Overall, it was a nice day. I really needed a day off.

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