Bucket list

Random order:

  • Try out a wingsuit
  • Learn paragliding
  • ok_16x16  Learn to fly a sailplane
  • Spend at least few months travelling with no savings and no “real job”
  • Survive at least a month of getting my food by no other means than dumpster diving
  • ok_16x16  Hike for at least a week in total wilderness and total solitude
  • ok_16x16  Camp and survive a really cold night with no sleeping bag or sleeping pad
  • Do really impressive cold reading for total strangers in public.
  • Perform stand-up comedy in a comedy club.
  • ok_16x16  Perform magic for strangers in public
  • Write a book that gets published.
  • Learn woodcarving.
  • Finish an extreme orienteering race: walking 100 km in 24 hours.
  • See the following animals in the wild:
  • Travel destinations:
    • Africa
    • SE Asia
    • Greenland
    • Antarctic
    • Leave the Earth ;)

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